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A diplomatic journey to the capital of Corellia - Coronet City

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A diplomatic journey to the capital of Corellia - Coronet City

Post by Akselia on Fri Oct 28, 2016 8:20 am

I was sent out on a diplomatic mission to Coronet City, Corellia - Coreward Worlds. Although I have heard much about Corellia, I had never actually travelled there.

The first thing that struck me was it's sheer beauty. As we flew in over the planet I saw vast jungles and huge cities. It was sometimes hard to tell them apart. The cities seemed to be one with the jungles.

As we were almost landing I got a clearer view of Coronet City. What a fantastic city. I know it's known for its ship building and droid manufacturing, but I had never anticipated the immense size of it all. I was really impressed.

At the Coronet City spaceport, I was welcomed by one of the senators' delegates. He brought me to my accommodations for my stay. It's was a very high class room, atop a very tall building. Well there I had some time to meditate, before I actually met the senator.

A few hours after my arrival I put on my ceremonial robes and was collected by a very hospitable droid who brought me to the library, where I was to meet with the senator.

Yet again I was in awe. The huge library to with they had brought me was full of, not only textfiles, but also beautiful artifacts from the history of Corellia.

The senator greeted me and we discussed the topic I had been brought there to discuss. All in all, I'd say the mission was successful.

Shortly thereafter I travelled back to Tython and presented what I had learned to the Council. They were pleased with the effects my diplomatic mission had had and the Republic can now look forward to a big boost in ship building.

Over and out - Akselia


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